Think Safety First

Your SmartPhone can help save your life in an emergency

Did you know your Smartphone can help save your life or the life of a loved one, during an emergency?  When you have a medical emergency, it is important for EMT’s and Paramedics to have access to your medical history, allergies and medications.  We use this information to make important decisions regarding your care and we relay this information to the emergency department staff when you arrive.

However, if you are unconscious or otherwise incapable of speaking and you’re alone, it obviously becomes difficult for EMS to ascertain this important information.  There are several ways to ensure that EMS has access to your information during an emergency:

  1. Use the “Vial of Life” This can be downloaded from the Stratford EMS website and is available at no cost during our Open House and other events where EMS is present.  Once completed it can be affixed to your refrigerator.
  2. A Medical Alert bracelet can be used to provide vital information about critical medical issues.
  3. Properly setup your smartphone device:

IPhone users: For iPhone users, you can setup your medical information in the included “Health App”.  To do this, find your Health App and go to the MedicalID tab at the bottom of the app.  Here you can edit your medical history, allergies, medications, blood type, height & weight (important for medication dosage decisions) and emergency contacts.  Emergency Responders can access this information even when your phone is locked by rapidly pressing the side button five times. The Medical ID slide will appear on the lock screen. [More]


Android users: Open the Contacts app. Tap your own contact under My profile. Scroll to the bottom, and tap the Emergency medical information Complete the necessary information, and then tap Save. Now, anyone can access your medical notes by tapping the Emergency Call button, and follow by the Medical information button on your lock screen. [More]



By setting up this information in your smartphone device, emergency medical responders can access the important information they need without having full access to your phone or other private information.  Stratford EMS wants you to “Think Safety First” and help us, help you by properly setting up your smartphone medical information. Stay Safe Stratford!


About Stratford EMS

The Stratford Emergency Medical Service is the basic and advanced life support ambulance / EMS provider for the Town of Stratford.  Established in 1977, our mission is provide quality patient care and safe emergency transportation to the sick and injured.  SEMS operates with both paid and volunteer members, EMR through Paramedic level care and offers a fleet of six ambulances and three paramedic intercept vehicles. For more information, visit