The leadership structure of Stratford EMS is designed to enhance our culture of excellence in every area of our operations. Our leadership team brings with it a strategic blend of skills, experience and vision with a rooted sense of commitment and responsibility to our staff and community in order to deliver solid and sustainable results.

Municipal oversight is handled by Town Hall through the Chief Administrative Officer.  Clinical oversight is handled by the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services and locally/clinically by the Medical Director’s at Sponsor Hospital Council of Greater Bridgeport (SHCBG).

Our commitment to quality, customer service and safety stems from the development of action items as presented by our evidence based processes, communications and training.

If you have recently been transported by Stratford EMS, help us provide even better service by taking a moment to tell us how we’re doing.  To access our patient feedback survey, use the following link.  It’s free, fast and the information provides valuable insight into how we can better serve you.  Thank You!:

Organizational Chart

SEMS Org Chart

Michael Loiz

EMS / 911 Director (8D1)
E-mail Michael Loiz

Paramedic, EMS-Instructor, Tactical Medic, Wilderness Medic

DT4EMS Instructor, National Disaster Life Support Instructor

EMD-Instructor, ED-Q, Telecommunicator Instructor

Kevin Giasullo

EMS Administrator (8D2)
E-mail Kevin Giasullo

BS, Paramedic, EMS-Instructor, CEVO III Instructor

EMD, EFD, EPD, Telecommunicator

Erin Smith-David

Operations/QI Supervisor (8D9)
E-mail Erin Smith-David

Paramedic, EMS-Instructor, AHA – ACLS, PALS, CPR-Instructor


Timothy Yurksaitis

Operations Supervisor (8D6)
E-mail Timothy Yurksaitis

Paramedic, Tactical Medic, SMART Triage Instructor, PEPP Instructor


Christopher Costa

Operations/Training Supervisor (8D12)
E-mail Christopher Costa

Paramedic, EMS-Instructor, AHA – CPR-Instructor


Barry Kelly

EMT, Volunteer Supervisor (8D4)
E-mail Barry Kelly

EMT, CEVO III Instructor

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