EMS Special Operations Division (SOD)


Special Operations Team Member

The EMS Special Operations Division (SOD) was originally established in 1987 to provide services for mass casualty incidents in the Town of Stratford. Over time, the division’s role has evolved to providing support services for a variety of large incidents.  SOD provides pre-planning and stand-by coverage for mass gatherings such as the annual fireworks display and Stratford Day celebrations.  It provides rehabilitation services to the Stratford FD during structure fires and is capable of augmenting on duty units and adding additional response resources at a moments notice.  In 2013, SEMS SOD began using “Echo Responder” as an activation system for SOD.  This system is tied into the Town of Stratford’s Public Safety CAD system to allow for instantaneous activation of SOD based on specific criteria.


Special Operations Team members are trained to a great many different areas of specialization such as:

– Incident Command (ICS)

– Tactical EMS (TEMS)

– Wilderness EMS (NOLS)

– Disaster Medicine (NDLS)

– International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

The team has also trained in Safe Boat and UTV Operation, Rehab, Medical Response to Bombings, Advanced Hazmat Life Support, Special Event Management and more. SOD has experience setting up and managing an EMS command post, field treatment tent/hospitals, and staging areas for other responding units.  The vehicle assigned to SOD also contains a variety of auxiliary equipment, such as mass care and treatment supplies, lighting, all-terrain stretcher, stokes basket litter, generator, and communications equipment.

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For more information on the Special Operations Division, contact us at (203) 385-4060.