Despite 20 years of dire warning about the imminent collapse of volunteerism in EMS, volunteers are approaching the 90 year mark as the foundation of America’s Emergency Medical Services.  Over 60% of EMS providers are volunteer, and volunteers respond to anywhere from 10-90% of 911 calls in rural areas across the country.  Stratford Volunteer EMS Association, Inc. (SVEMSA) is the embodiment of that long standing tradition here in Stratford.

Stratford Volunteer EMS Association, Inc. – referred to as the Association, represents the interests of the membership to which it serves, namely certified Paramedic, EMT, AEMT, EMR, and EVO volunteers and paid, having an interest in Emergency Medical Services as applied in the Town of Stratford.  This representation also extends to Local Municipal Government Bodies, Federal, State, and other agencies concerning issues or concerns relative to the delivery of emergency medical care within the Town of Stratford or any assigned primary response area.

One of the main goals of the Association is to encourage individuals to become trained for direct involvement in voluntary emergency medical service.  The Association holds EMT training classes which include American Heart Healthcare Provider CPR certification.

The Association also extends this effort in emergency healthcare education to the community of Stratford, itself.  We welcome the opportunity to participate in Stratford Day and other community health fairs and events to take blood pressures and distribute heart attack and stroke prevention materials and brochures.

In an effort to elevate and sustain the professional standards among its members, the Association encourages its members to participate in ongoing educational programs.  The Association also encourages participation by its members in community based emergency preparedness drills and mock mass casualty scenarios.  The Association considers it a serious responsibility of its members to be updated and prepared to respond to whatever medical emergencies that the Town of Stratford may face.

On a lighter note, the Association actively promotes social interaction and good fellowship among its members.  There are dances, picnics and parties all for the purpose of expressing gratitude for commitment and dedication in the performance of voluntary service. The Association also takes pride in providing creature comforts in our headquarters of which everyone is welcome to share.

Finally, the Association is dedicated to the support of Stratford EMS.  In cooperation with the EMS Administration, the Association pursues active volunteer representation in the delivery of emergency medical services, retention and recognition of volunteers, community awareness, emergency preparedness, and continuing education.

The Association holds a planning and open discussion meeting the second Wednesday of each month, 7:00PM.  We invite our members to actively participate in the Association’s goals and events and to join us in our efforts to help Stratford EMS continue to be the best provider of emergency medical care to the citizens of the Town of Stratford that it can be.

In our ongoing effort to retain, support and recognize the volunteers, the Stratford EMS Administration had applied for and been approved as a “Certifying Organization” for The President’s Volunteer Service Award.  Starting in 2015, SEMS issues Presidential Volunteer Service awards annually to recognize the significant commitment and dedication of it’s volunteers to SEMS and The Town of Stratford.